Software Quality Assurance

Our software process engineering group (SEPG) monitors key process areas and deploys quality processes as per adopted Quality Models.

Apart from quality process deployment, Asset Class provides services such as test automation, quality consulting to help customers improve effectiveness and cost efficiency of testing processes.

Our QA & QC (Quality Control) activities include:

>Independent Verification and Validation
>Test Automation and framework development
>Deployment of quality processes and make sure it compliance to applicable Standards/Guidelines
>Process audit and reviews
>Performance Analysis
>Periodic quality reviews and deriving project metrics
>Defect recording and resolution
>Risk analysis and mitigation plans
>Software Quality process improvement

Independent Verification and Validation team works with their product development teams to ensure the highest degree of quality before product release. Our customers rely on us for:

Functional / Regression Testing: We review the current application and develop comprehensive test plans to evaluate whether the product meets all the functional requirements that were intended. Based on the stability of the product, we develop a testing process that use a combination of ad-hoc testing and automated testing.
Performance Testing: We use market leading tools to asses the product’s performance bottle-necks and provide the customer with extensive data to help scale the product up to meet higher loads.